Sailing Fleet

The club is based in the boatyard (Coal Harbour) near the West Pier in Dun Laoghaire and also maintains boats on Dun Laoghaire Marina. The SID fleet comprises of :

  • Sun Odyssey 35 yacht
  • Beneteau 31.7 yacht
  • Ruffian yacht
  • Tender
  • Four Vago dinghies
  • Safety boat


Sun Odyssey 35

Sun Odyssey 35	Our Sun Odyssey 35 "Silver Wind" was purchased in 2015 with Sports Capital Funding Program assistance. Silver Wind is a comfortable cruising boat, equipped for up to six crew. She is used for week-long cruises from May to September. Silver Wind is berthed in Dun Laoghaire Marina when not on her travels, and can be used for short weekend trips to Wales or the East Coast.

Hull weight: 5,250 kg
LOA: 10.75 m
Beam: 3.49 m
Draught: 1.85 m

Beneteau First 31.7

Our 31.7 "Mayfly" was purchased in 2019 with Sports Capital Funding Program assistance. Built in 2006, Mayfly is equiped for up to seven crew. Mayfly is berthed in Dun Laoghaire Marina and is primarily used for daysails. She also takes part in ISORA offshore races and Sunday Winter racing.

Hull weight: 4,052 kg
LOA: 9.65 m
Beam: 3.4 m
Draught: 1.8 m

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Ruffian Ruff Diamond was purchased in March 2009 and is primarily used for racing.
Built in 1981 It is a sloop keelboat yacht with an overall length of 23 feet and sails with a crew of 5 people. The Ruffian racing class is one of the largest keelboat classes in Ireland with up to 20 boats racing at the national championships, and typically 10-15 boats competing in a one-design class in DBSC and local regattas. Ruff Diamond can also provide more leisurely day sails or longer trips in the Irish Sea from Malahide to Wicklow. Our Ruffian is on a mooring in the Coal Harbour with access from the DMYC clubhouse.

Hull weight: 1588 kg
LOA: 7.11 m
Beam: 2.51 m
Draught: 1.55 m

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Vago dinghy The SID fleet purchased three Vagos in 2007, and a fourth in 2013. The Vago is a 2-person dinghy produced by Laser. It has a rotomoulded plastic hull, assymetric gennekar, trapeeze, furling jib and reefable mainsail.

Hull weight: 86kg
LOA: 4.20 m
Beam: 1.56 m
Sail Area: 10.66 m2
Gennekar: 11.38 m2

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Safety boat

SID Safety Boat The safety boat is used for all dinghy sailing sessions and is manned on a rotation basis. People not familiar with the operation of the safety boat will be given instruction. Depending on demand, formal powerboat training may be organised during the season. We encourage all members to take Powerboat certification training. The SID safety boat is a great opportunity to get in some experience before taking any formal course or to practice your skills if you have already have a powerboat certificate.

Ruffian Tender

Tender The Ruffian is on a mooring in the Coal Harbour. We have a small tender stored by the Clubhouse which can be used to ferry crew to and from the Ruffian, but normally we use the DMYC launch.


SID Clubhouse Our Clubhouse is located in the Coal Harbour. It is used to store equipment, and provides rudimentary changing facilities. Life jackets, buoyancy aids and trapeeze harness are provided for members. When not on the water, the boats are stored nearby.

Decomissioned SID Boats

Sigma 33

Our Sigma 33 "Obsession" was purchased in 2008 with Sports Capital Funding Program assistance, and was the mainstay of club sailing untill she was replaced by Mayfly in 2019. Obsession was berthed in Dun Laoghaire Marina and was primarily used for daysails. There were also many memorable cruises on Obsession on the East Coast, as far North as Scotland, North Wales, to the Isles od Scilly and westwards as far as Galway. She also took part in ISORA offshore races and Sunday Winter racing.

Ruffian 23

Ruffian Our previous Ruffian "Ruffin'it" (Sail number 472) was purchased in 1999 and was sailed by the club for 10 years.
Ruffin'it was the first yacht purchased by Sailing In Dublin and was with the club for about 10 years. Ruffin'it was the most used Ruffian in Dun Laoghaire, with many glorious sails as far north as Carlingford and as far south to Arklow, and many of our current and past members learnt their sailing on it.
After a dismasting in 2008, it proved more economical to replace the boat rather than the mast and rigging. The boat was sold to a buyer from Wales who plans to refurbish it. It was last seen on the ferry leaving Dun Laoghaire!


Magno Dinghy

The SID fleet had two Magnos purchased in 2005. These were sold when we decided to standardise on the Vago class.
Hull weight: 89 kg
LOA: 3.94 m
Beam: 1.56 m
Sail Area: 18.98 m2
Gennekar: 8.72 m2

Topaz Tres

Topaz Tres Dinghy

The Topaz Tres or Rubber Duck was a fun boat to sail, but most members (being too lazy to hike out) thought it was cramped. This was sold when we decided to standardise on the Vago class.
Hull weight: 60 kg
LOA: 3.86 m
Beam: 1.45 m
Sail Area: 9.95 m2
Gennekar: 8.00 m2

420 Dinghy

420 Dinghy The 420 is a two-person lightweight, high-performance, planning-hulled dinghy. It also provides the additional excitement and challenge of a symetric spinnaker and trapeze.

Hull weight: 80 kg
LOA: 4.2 m
Beam: 1.63 m
Sail Area: 13.05 m2
Spinnaker: 9 m2
Optimum Crew Weight: 110-145 kg

The 420 dinghy was the mainstay of the club from its foundation untill 2007 when we moved to the Laser Vago.

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