Sailing In Dublin was founded in 1983 by a group of Glenans-Collanmore dinghy sailing regulars. Collanmore was the dinghy sailing base of the Glenans Irish Sailing School in Clew Bay Co. Mayo until it's closure in 2013. The vision was to provide regular access to dinghy sailing in Dublin without the necessity of boat ownership. In addition to an annual membership subscription, each member contributed 50 pounds to a capital fund (which was reimbursed if you left the club). This fund was initially used to purchase two GP14 dinghies.


420 Dinghy As the membership grew the fleet expanded with the purchase of a number of 420 dinghies, as well as a safety boat. Membership was capped at around sixty people with a sailing rota in place to facilitate the high demand for sailing. All members also participated in a safety boat rota. In 1987 the club was constituted as a limited company("not for profit") Sailing In Dublin Club Ltd.

Original Clubhouse Boats were initially sailed for summer season only (May-September) and stored for winter in members gardens. To facilitate the growing amount of equipment (outboards, buoyancy aid, spares etc), a shipping container was purchsed and located in the Coal Harbour boatyard. Sailing then became an all-year round activity and boats took part in winter racing in the DMYC-Frostbites.


In 1999 the club purchased it's first keelboat "Ruffin'It", a Ruffian-23 (Sail number 472). Ruffian Ruffin'It was kept on a mooring in the Coal Harbour and serviced by a small tender stored in the Coal Harbour boat yard. Initially used for daysailing, Ruffin'It was entered in DBSC racing two nights per week + Saturdays. Ruffin'It was also used for a number of mini-cruises which led to demand for a bigger more suitable cruising boat. In 2002 SID affiliated with "Irish Sailing" the NGB for sailing in Ireland.

Magno Dinghy In 2005 the club decided to upgrade the dinghy fleet and move to low-maintenance roto-moulded plastic hulled boats. Two Topper-Magnos were purchsed and a Trez. At this time dinghy sailing numbers grew significantly helped by a strong relationship with Glenans-Collanmore.

Vago dinghy In 2007 the fleet was again expanded with the putchase of three Laser-Vago dinghies.


The keelboat fleet was significantly expanded in 2008 with the purchase of a Sigma-33 yacht Obsession (with the assistance of Sports Capital Funding). Obsession was berthed permanently on Dun Laoghaire marina. The increased variety and amount of sailing opportunities facilitated a growth in membership to current levels of around 100 members. As well as daysailing, Obsession was used for a Summer cruising program and also offered weekend trips. Obsession was also entered in ISORA races and winter keelboat racing. Obsession allowed for a much more ambitious cruising trips and the skill levels/experience was also greatly enhanced.

SID Clubhouse In 2008 the original shipping container was replaced and upgraded to the current 'Clubhouse' which is now used for equipment storage and as a changing facility for dinghy sailing.

Ruffian After the purchase of Obsession, Ruffin 'It was used primaraly for racing and as a backup daysailor when Obsession was away.

Ruffin'It Dismasted After a dismasting of Ruffin'It in 2008, it proved more economical to replace the boat rather than the mast and rigging, so Ruff Diamond replaced her.

2015-Present Day

Sun Odyssey 35	The success of Obsession and cruising highlighted the need for a second keelboat so that the club could support both daysailing and summer cruising. Our Sun-Odyssey 35 "Silver Wind" was purchased in 2015 (with Sports Capital Funding Program assistance). Silver Wind is used for a hugely popular 10-12 week summer cruising program, as well as shorter weekend trips when she is back in Dun Laoghaire.

For dinghy sailing the club decided to standardize on the Laser Vago with another purchased and the Magnos and Trez were disposed of.

In 2019 after ten years of service (and being the most sailed boat in Dun Laoghaire), Obsession was replaced by our Beneateau 31.7 Mayfly.