Isle Of Man Cruise

August 2-4 2008
Crew: Carlos, Cearbhall, Peter, Simon, Thea, Tina

Carlos Cearbhall Peter Simon Thea Tina
The August Bank Holiday weekend saw the first overseas trip by a SID boat. Simon was the skipper, with Carlos, Cearbhall, Martina, Peter and Thea as crew.
We met up on Friday evening to check Obsession and stock up on supplies.
Thea was in charge of the shopping, with the consequence that we lived almost exclusively on chocolate for the next three days.
After spending the night on board (another first for Obsession since she joined SID) we set off in the general direction of Carlingford.
Following some early adventures with the spinnaker and the reefing lines (don't ask) we rounded the Ben of Howth and headed north.
Good Kite bad Kite
The plan, given the wind direction forecast, was to sail a triangle from Dublin to Carlingford to the Isle of Man and back to Dublin.
Since the tides in Carlingford Lough would not permit an early departure on Sunday, we decided to make for Port Oriel instead (slightly to the south of Carlingford). We arrived in the tiny harbour at around 7 pm and tied onto the outermost of three large trawlers, which dwarfed Obsession. An expedition was dispatched to the nearby village to secure further supplies and beer and we banqueted on board (yet another first). Thanks to the passing fishermen for the beautiful fresh mackerel they gave us....
Mournes Port Oriel Toast You went to the wrong pub Obsession dwarfed by trawlers Queen Of The Sea
We left early on Sunday with a favourable wind and gybed our way across to Port St Mary on the Isle of Man, arriving at the local hostelry to discover (a) that we were just in time for last orders and (b) that we didn't have any local currency. It takes more than that to keep an Irishman from his pint, however, and ingenuity prevailed in the end.
Isle Of Man Calf Of Man Obsession Pier Port St Mary Tryskelion
We set off at 5am on Sunday, setting 3 hour watches to allow people to catch up on their sleep, and despite dire weather predictions, had a fairly easy, if long trip back to Dublin.